Behavior in Organizations 10th Edition Greenberg Test Bank

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Behavior in Organizations 10th Edition Greenberg Test Bank.

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Behavior in Organizations 10th Edition Greenberg Test Bank

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Unique and current insight on the everyday processes and phenomena of OB.

Behavior in Organizations shows readers the real world of OB through its blend of cutting-edge research and practical applications. This text then challenges readers to take theory one step further by having them put the concepts into action.

The many changes in the tenth edition reflect the authors’ never-ending mission to present a balance between knowledge and application, while including coverage on the latest advances in the field.

Table contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction to the Field of Organizational Behavior
Chapter 2 Individual Differences: Personality and Values
Chapter 3 Perceiving Ourselves and Others in Organizations
Chapter 4 Workplace Emotions, Attitudes, and Stress
Chapter 5 Foundations of Employee Motivation
Chapter 6 Applied Performance Practices
Chapter 7 Decision Making and Creativity
Chapter 8 Team Dynamics
Chapter 9 Communicating in Teams and Organizations
Chapter 10 Power and Influence in the Workplace
Chapter 11 Conflict and Negotiation in the Workplace
Chapter 12 Leadership in Organizational Settings
Chapter 13 Designing Organizational Structures
Chapter 14 Organizational Culture
Chapter 15 Organizational Change

Additional Cases

Case 1 Arctic Mining Consultants
Case 2 Going to the X-Stream
Case 3 Keeping Suzanne Chalmers
Case 4 The Regency Grand Hotel
Case 5 Simmons Laboratories
Case 6 Tamarak Industries
Case 7 The Outstanding Faculty Award
Case 8 The Shipping Industry Accounting Team
Case 9 Verberg Kansen N.V.

Appendix A
Theory Building and Systematic Research Methods

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