Brunnstroms Clinical Kinesiology 6th Edition Houglum Test Bank

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Brunnstroms Clinical Kinesiology 6th Edition Houglum Test Bank.

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  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0803623526
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0803623521
  • Author: Peggy A. Houglum (Author), Dolores B. Bertoti (Author)

Now celebrating its 50 years in print, this text has held onto the foundation of its great success, while also being re-invented for today’s audience. The focus of this text remains the practical instruction of functional anatomy in order to quickly, and convincingly, guide readers to its use in professional performance. This text is filled with modern applications that will show your students the relevance of foundational material to their future careers.

An all-new author team of expert instructors Peggy Houglum and Dolores Bertoti, a brand-new, full-color design, and new learning and teaching resources online at DavisPlus all make the field’s gold standard more valuable than ever as it prepares readers to apply theory to clinical practice.

Table of contents:

Unit 1. Basic Concepts
1. Basic Concepts in Kinesiology: Kinematics
2. Mechanical Principles: Kinetics
3. The Movement System: Nerve and Muscle Physiology and the Control of Human Movement
4. Muscle Activity and Strength

Unit 2. Upper Quarter
5. Shoulder Complex
6. Elbow and Forearm Complex
7. Wrist and Hand
8. Head, Neck and Trunk

Unit 3. Lower Quarter

9. Pelvis and Hip
10. Knee
11. Ankle and Foot

Unit 3. Functional Activities
12. Stance and Gait
13. Kinesiology Applications in Daily Functional Activities
14. Kinesiology Applications of Upper Extremity Activities of 15. Daily Living
15. Sports and Recreation

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