Business Law 9th Edition Gibson Test Bank

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Business Law 9th Edition Gibson Test Bank.

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Business Law 9th Edition Gibson Test Bank

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  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1486019277
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1486019274
  • Author: Andy Gibson, Douglas Fraser

Get ready for the dynamic world of work with Business Law, a motivating and confidence-building way to understand your legal responsibilities, rights and roles, both as a consumer and as a business decision maker.

The 9th edition of Business Law has been tightly reorganised, to make it simpler to understand and apply challenging legal issues.

Core theory is artfully blended with stimulating, pertinent legal cases and interactive online learning activities and delivered in a format which is perfectly suited to a 12 week introductory course.

Table contents:

Part 1 The legal framework

Chapter 1 Legal foundations

Chapter 2 Legal systems

Chapter 3 How law is made: Precedent/statute law

Part 2 Civil liability

Chapter 4 Civil liability: The law of torts and negligence

Chapter 5 Applications of negligence to business

Part 3 Law of contracts

Chapter 6 Introduction to contracts

Chapter 7 Agreement between the parties

Chapter 8 Intention to create legal relations

Chapter 9 Consideration

Chapter 10 Capacity of the parties

Chapter 11 Genuine consent

Chapter 12 Is the contract legal?

Chapter 13 Terms of the contract

Chapter 14 Rights and liabilities of the parties, discharge and reme

Chapter 15 Remedies in contract

Part 4 Consumer law

Chapter 16 Statutory consumer guarantees and the Australian Co

Chapter 17 General and specific consumer protections under the

Part 5 Business organisations and the law

Chapter 18 Agency

Chapter 19 Introduction to companies and incorporated associat

Chapter 20 Partnerships

Chapter 21 Choosing a business entity

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