Economics USA 8th Edition Behravesh Test Bank

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Economics USA 8th Edition Behravesh Test Bank.

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Economics USA 8th Edition Behravesh Test Bank

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  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0393919692
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0393919691
  • Author: Nariman Behravesh

This qualitative and applied introductory text has been revised and reorganized for a contemporary approach. Eighty-four case studies―three per chapter―and eighty-four videos produced by the Annenberg Foundation―one for each case study―complement the text and reflect the most current research and debates in economics.

Table contents:

Part One: Introduction to EconomicsPrologue: Economic Problems: A Sampler

Chapter 1: What is Economics?

Chapter 2: Markets and Prices Part Two: Economic Decision Making: The Firm, The Consumer, and Society

Chapter 3: The Business Firm: Organization, Motivation, and Optimal Input Decision

Chapter 4: Getting Behind the Demand and Supply Curves

Chapter 5: Market Demand and Price Elasticity

Chapter 6: Economic Efficiency, Market Supply, and Perfect Competition

Chapter 7: Monopoly and Its Regulation

Chapter 8: Monopolistic Competition, Oligopoly, and Antitrust Policy

Chapter 9: Pollution and The Environment Part Three: The Distribution of Income and The Role of Government in Markets

Chapter 10: The Supply and Demand for Labor

Chapter 11: Interest, Rent, and Profit

Chapter 12: Poverty, Income Inequality, and Discrimination

Chapter 13: Economic Growth

Chapter 14: Public Goods and The Role of The GovernmentPart Four: National Income and Output

Chapter 15: National Income and Product

Chapter 16: Business Fluctuations and Unemployment

Chapter 17: The Determination of National Output and the Keynesian Multiplier

Chapter 18: Fiscal Policy and National Output

Chapter 19: Inflation Part Five: Money, Banking, and Stabilization Policy

Chapter 20: Money and The Banking System

Chapter 21: The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy

Chapter 22: Supply Shocks and Inflation

Chapter 23: Productivity, Growth, and Technology Policy

Chapter 24: Surpluses, Deficits, Public Debt, and the Federal Budget

Chapter 25: Monetary Policy, Interest Rates, and Economic Activity

Chapter 26: Controversies Over Stabilization Policy Part Six: International Economics

Chapter 27: International Trade

Chapter 28: Exchange Rates and the Balance of Payments

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