Essentials of Sociology 4th Edition Giddens Test Bank

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Essentials of Sociology 4th Edition Giddens Test Bank.

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Essentials of Sociology 4th Edition Giddens Test Bank

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  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 9780393918830
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0393918830
  • Author: Anthony Giddens

Every chapter of Essentials of Sociology, Fourth Edition, is organized around stories pulled from the news. New features in the Fourth Edition pull together the big questions in each chapter and organize them around a concept map to help students synthesize concepts and see the personal and global applications of a sociological imagination.

Table contents:

  1. Chapter 1: An Introduction to Sociology in the Global Age
  2. Learning Objectives
  3. A Sociology of Revolutions and Counterrevolutions
  4. The Changing Nature of the Social World—and Sociology
  5. Central Concerns for a Twenty-First-Century Sociology
  6. Globalization
  7. Consumption
  8. McDonaldization
  9. Critiquing Consumption
  10. • Trending: The McDonaldization of Society
  11. The Digital World
  12. Digital Living: Blogging and Tweeting about Sociology
  13. Globalization, Consumption, the Digital World, and You
  14. Sociology: Continuity and Change
  15. The Sociological Imagination
  16. Private Troubles and Public Issues
  17. The Micro–Macro Relationship
  18. The Agency–Structure Relationship
  19. The Social Construction of Reality
  20. Social Structures and Processes
  21. Sociology’s Purpose: Science or Social Reform?
  22. Sociology, the Other Social Sciences, and Common Sense
  23. Summary
  24. Key Terms
  25. Review Questions
  26. Chapter 2: Thinking About and Researching the Social World
  27. Learning Objectives
  28. Do Sociological Theory and Research Help Us Understand Today’s Overheated Politics?
  29. Theorizing the Social World
  30. Classical Sociological Theory
  31. Karl Marx
  32. Max Weber
  33. Émile Durkheim
  34. Georg Simmel
  35. W. E. B. Du Bois
  36. • Trending: The Scholar Denied
  37. Thorstein Veblen
  38. Contemporary Sociological Theory
  39. Structural/Functional Theories
  40. Structural–Functionalism
  41. Structuralism
  42. Conflict/Critical Theories
  43. Conflict Theory
  44. Critical Theory
  45. Feminist Theory
  46. Queer Theory
  47. Critical Theories of Race and Racism
  48. Postmodern Theory
  49. Inter/Actionist Theories
  50. Symbolic Interactionism
  51. Ethnomethodology
  52. Exchange Theory

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