Fraud Examination 6th Edition Albrecht Solutions Manual

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Fraud Examination 6th Edition Albrecht Solutions Manual.

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Learn to identify, detect, investigate and prevent financial fraud today with the latest edition of Albrecht/Albrecht/Albrecht/Zimbelman’s FRAUD EXAMINATION, 6E. Develop fraud skills as you become a better interviewer, stronger and more skeptical document examiner, better technology user and more informed decision maker. Closely examine and gain a strong understanding of the types of fraud and nature of fraud investigation today with current business examples and numerous actual fraud cases, delivered first-hand from the authors’ experience. FRAUD EXAMINATION presents today’s most important fraud concepts with an emphasis on the growing areas of ebusiness and cyber fraud. Significant discussion familiarizes you with forensic analysis as well as legal options for victims of fraud. New discussion also highlights how experts use technology to accomplish fraud and detect fraud.


Table of Content:

  1. Part 1: Introduction to Fraud
  2. Chapter 1: The Nature of Fraud
  3. Chapter 2: Why People Commit Fraud
  4. Chapter 3: Fighting Fraud: An Overview
  5. Part 2: Fraud Prevention
  6. Chapter 4: Preventing Fraud
  7. Part 3: Fraud Detection
  8. Chapter 5: Recognizing the Symptoms of Fraud
  9. Chapter 6: Data-Driven Fraud Detection
  10. Part 4: Fraud Investigation
  11. Chapter 7: Investigating Theft Acts
  12. Chapter 8: Investigating Concealment
  13. Chapter 9: Conversion Investigation Methods
  14. Chapter 10: Inquiry Methods and Fraud Reports
  15. Part 5: Management Fraud
  16. Chapter 11: Financial Statement Fraud
  17. Chapter 12: Revenue- and Inventory-Related Financial Statement Frauds
  18. Chapter 13: Liability, Asset, and Inadequate Disclosure Frauds
  19. Part 6: Other Types of Fraud
  20. Chapter 14: Fraud against Organizations
  21. Chapter 15: Consumer Fraud
  22. Chapter 16: Bankruptcy, Divorce, and Tax Fraud
  23. Chapter 17: Fraud in E-Commerce
  24. Part 7: Resolution of Fraud
  25. Chapter 18: Legal Follow-Up
  26. Appendix: Financial Statement Fraud Standards
  27. Bibliography
  28. Glossary
  29. Index


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