Fundamentals of Investments Canadian 3rd Edition Jordan Test Bank

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Fundamentals of Investments Canadian 3rd Edition Jordan Test Bank.

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Fundamentals of Investments Canadian 3rd Edition Jordan Test Bank

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Jordan, Fundamentals of Investments, puts content in context so that students are actively involved in how investment concepts are put into practice in their own lives and as future investment managers. Our research has shown that faculty are increasingly expecting their students to work with spreadsheets, data from the web, and investment simulations. This text has integrated spreadsheet analysis throughout the text, providing students with the opportunity to model and try out various techniques. In addition, the textbook problem material encourages students to take advantage of the wealth of current data available on the Internet. All new copies of the print textbook include access to Stock-Trak, an investment simulation software with exercises. Stock-Trak is one of the most successful trading simulations, with over 30,000 students having trading accounts each semester. After studying the Jordan text, students will have the basic knowledge needed to move forward and actually act on what they have learned.

Table of contents:

PART ONE Preparing to Invest
1 The Investment Environment 1
2 Securities Markets and Transactions 37
3 Investment Information and
Securities Transactions 81
PART TWO Important Conceptual
4 Return and Risk 125
4A The Time Value of Money 159
5 Modern Portfolio Concepts 174
PART THREE Investing in Common
6 Common Stocks 220
7 Analyzing Common Stocks 254
8 Stock Valuation 295
9 Market Efficiency and Behavioural
Finance 333
PART FOUR Investing in FixedIncome Securities
10 Fixed-Income Securities 376
11 Bond Valuation 413
PART FIVE Portfolio Management
12 Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded
Funds 454
13 Managing Your Own Portfolio 495
PART SIX Derivative Securities
14 Options: Puts and Calls 533
15 Futures Markets and Securities 574
Glossary 611
Index 623

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