Human Communication 6th Edition Pearson Test Bank

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Human Communication 6th Edition Pearson Test Bank.

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Human Communication 6th Edition Pearson Test Bank

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  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 007803695X
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0078036958
  • Author: Judy Pearson, Paul Nelson, Scott Titsworth, Angela Hosek

Personal improvement in communication begins with a clear understanding of your own attitudes and of the relationships you build with others. Human Communication draws the best available research and helps each student, no matter who they are or where they are, to develop the skills needed for effective and confident communication in any occasion.

Human Communication is an integrated program that helps students practice communication skills, build confidence in public speaking, and achieve success in their introductory communication course. Always rooted in the most current scholarship and with an eye on practical, everyday communication scenarios, Human Communication is designed to make introductory communication studies immediate and relevant to students. The authors strike a balance of definitive theory and everyday application that resonates with the challenges and goals of today’s typical basic course.

In the new 6th edition, updated research is integrated throughout the text. Additionally, a new chapter feature called “Communicating Creatively” was added to each chapter, which stresses how creativity can be used to improve communication skills address in the chapters, and an end-of-chapter feature, “Be Ready..For What’s Next”, provides students with an understanding of how to continue growing their skills to use in other classes, the workplace and life.

Table contents:

  1. Fundamentals of communication studies: Introduction to human communication
  2. Perception, self, and communicatiom
  3. Language and meaning
  4. Nonverbal communication
  5. Listening and critical thinking
  6. Communication contexts: interpersonal communication
  7. intercultural communication
  8. Small-group communication
  9. Workplace communication
  10. Fundamentals of public speaking: Topic slelction and audience analysis
  11. Being credible and using evidence
  12. Organizing your presentation
  13. Delivery and visual resources
  14. Informative presentations
  15. Persuasive presentation

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