International Corporate Finance 1st Edition Robin Test Bank

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International Corporate Finance 1st Edition Robin Test Bank.

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  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0073530662
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0073530666
  • Author: J. Ashok Robin (Author)

With the ongoing global economic crisis still taking full effect on today’s society, International Corporate Finance 1e brings a fresh approach and perspective on present events. This text focuses on a key player in this financial world: multinational corporations (MNC). By applying general financial concepts and procedures, it explains the conduct of financial management in MNCs. Because most corporations are either directly or indirectly affected by multinational entities and have a global exposure, a study of MNCH financial management has broad applicability. This new text takes a quantitative approach with an emphasis on excel spreadsheets and current examples.

Table of contents:

Part 1: Introduction.

1. The Framework of International Corporate Finance Harvey A Poniachek.

Part 2: International Financial and Capital Markets.

2. The Global Monetary and Financial System Harvey A Poniachek.

3. The Foreign-Exchange Market Harvey A Poniachek.

Appendix: Foreign-Exchange Formulas and How to Operate in the Currency Market Christopher S Bourdain.

4. The International Money and Capital Markets. Harvey A Poniachek.

5. Financial Institutions in International Finance Alexander E Fleming.

Part 3: International Business and Its Financing.

6. Multinationals and International Business John Hein.

7. International Trade and Its Fianncing Joseph A Arnett.

8. Foreign Direct Investment David Gold.

9. The Balance of Payments and Its Financing Joseph G Kvasnicka.

Part 4: International Corporate Financial Management.

10. Financing of Foreign Operations by MNCs. Lawrence M Krackov.

11. Foreign Currency Exposure and Hedging Policies Harvey A Poniachek. Appendisx: CBS Inc.’s Foreign Exchange Exposure Management Practices Lawrence M Krackov.

12. International Cash Management and Positioning of Funds. David Spiselman.

13. MNC Taxation Richard M Hammer and Charles T Crawford.

 Part 5: Utilizing Currency Swaps and Options.

14. Currency Swaps Frank Ribeiro.

15. Currency Options Scott N Dillman.

Part 6: Summary and Conclusion

16. Closing Comments Harvey A Poniachek.

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