Introduction to Business Law 4th Edition Beatty Test Bank

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Introduction to Business Law 4th Edition Beatty Test Bank.

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  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 113318815X
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1133188155
  • Author: Jeffrey F. BeattySusan S. Samuelson

INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS LAW, 4E presents the full range of business law topics in a series of fast-paced, brief chapters. Developed with business students in mind and filled with intriguing stories, readers will find this textbook both comprehensive and easy to understand. Plus, it highlights the material’s business applications, so readers can see how they’ll apply the material in their careers. And, with its built-in study guides, INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS LAW, 4E helps readers check their progress as they master the content.

Table of contents:

Part 1 The English Legal System

    • 1:The nature of English law
    • 2:The court system and alternative dispute resolution
    • 3:Sources of English law

Part 2 Contract Law

4:The nature of the agreement: offer and acceptance

    • 5:Intention, capacity, consideration, and privity
    • 6:The terms of a contract
    • 7:Vitiating factors
    • 8:Discharge of contract and contractual remedies
    • 9:The sale of goods and supply of services

Part 3 The Law of Agency

    • 10:The law of agency

Part 4 Tort Law

    • 11:The tort of negligence
    • 12:Product liability, defective premises, interference with land, and defences

Part 5 Employment Law

    • 13:The contract of employment and its termination
    • 14:Discrimination and health and safety

Part 6 The Structure and Management of Business

    • 15:Business organizations
    • 16:Company law I: formation and finance
    • 17:Company law II: company officers and liabilities
    • 18:Company law III: company meetings, shareholder-protection, and liquidation of companies

Part 7 Intellectual Property Law

    • 19:Intellectual property law

Part 8 Study Skills and Revision

    20:Study skills

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