Microeconomics 4th Edition Besanko Solutions Manual

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Microeconomics 4th Edition Besanko Solutions Manual.

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Microeconomics 4th Edition Besanko Solutions Manual

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  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0470563583
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0470563588
  • Author: Catherine Schaumans, University of Tilburg, The Netherlands

As a study guide, this handbook really stands out. It explains the principles very clearly in a logical order and it uses a lot of examples and cases for students to practise the new techniques. The chapters start with a story to show the reallife relevance of the concepts, which is clearly appreciated by the students. Highly recommended for teaching first-year students!

Table contents:

Part 1: Introduction To Microeconomics. Chapter 1: Analyzing Economic Problems.

Chapter 2: Demand and Supply Analysis.

Part 2: Consumer Theory.

Chapter 3: Consumer Preferences and the Concept of Utility.

Chapter 4: Consumer Choice.

Chapter 5: The Theory of Demand.

Part 3: Production and Cost Theory.

Chapter 6: Inputs and Production Functions.

Chapter 7: Costs and Cost Minimization.

Chapter 8: Cost Curves.

Part 4: Perfect Competition.

Chapter 9: Perfectly Competitive Markets.

Chapter 10: Competitive Markets: Applications.

Part 5: Market Power.

Chapter 11: Monopoly and Monopsony.

Chapter 12: Capturing Surplus.

Part 6: Imperfect Competition and Strategic Behavior.

Chapter 13: Market Structure and Competition.

Chapter 14: Game Theory and Strategic Behavior.

Part 7: Special Topics.

Chapter 15: Risk and Information.

Chapter 16: General Equilibrium.

Chapter 17: Externalities and Public Goods.

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