Business Mathematics In Canada 7th Edition Jerome Solutions Manual

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Business Mathematics In Canada 7th Edition Jerome Solutions Manual.

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  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0071091416
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0071091411
  • Author: F. Jerome

Business Mathematics in Canada‘s primary objective is help students learn the mathematics needed for success in fields such as accounting, finance, management and marketing. Jerome recognizes that students learn business math by doing business math. The wealth and variety of exercises and problem material meets this need.

New to the seventh edition, each new Jerome Business Mathematics in Canada print text includes access to Connect – McGraw-Hill’s innovative online study and testing program – at no additional cost. In addition to a fully integrated eBook, personalized study plan, and study resources, Connect also includes algorithmic problems within the homework assessment tool that are directly from the end of chapter material. This fully integrated solution helps students master the concepts and practice problems, and ultimately achieve success in business mathematics. Optional Lyryx Assessment Business Math is available to package with the Jerome text at a small additional cost. Lyryx Assessment Business Math contains algorithmic problems tied to the Jerome text, unlimited opportunity for students to practice, and automatic grading with extensive feedback for students and instructors.

Table of contents:

CHAPTER 1 Review and Applications of Basic Mathematics
Appendix 1A: The Texas Instruments BA II PLUS
CHAPTER 2 Review and Applications of Algebra
CHAPTER 3 Percent and Percent Change
CHAPTER 4 Ratios and Proportions
CHAPTER 5 Mathematics of Merchandising
5.2 Supplement: Other Notations for Terms of Payment (on Connect)
5.3 Supplement: Diagram Model for Markup Problems (on Connect)
CHAPTER 6 Applications of Linear Equations
Appendix 6A: The Texas Instruments BA II PLUS Break-Even Worksheet
CHAPTER 7 Simple Interest
Appendix 7A: An Aid for Determining the Number of Days in Each Month
Appendix 7B: The Texas Instruments BA II PLUS Date Worksheet
CHAPTER 8 Applications of Simple Interest
Appendix 8A: Promissory Notes
CHAPTER 9 Compound Interest: Future Value and Present Value
Appendix 9A: Instructions for Specific Models of Financial Calculators
CHAPTER 10 Compound Interest: Further Topics and Applications
Appendix 10A: The Texas Instruments BA II PLUS Interest Conversion Worksheet
Appendix 10B: Logarithms
Appendix 10C: Annualized Rates of Return and Growth (on Connect)
CHAPTER 11 Ordinary Annuities: Future Value and Present Value
CHAPTER 12 Ordinary Annuities: Periodic Payment, Number of Payments, and Interest Rate
Appendix 12A: Derivation of the Formula for n from the Formula for FV_(on Connect)
Appendix 12B: The Trial-and-Error Method for Calculating the Interest Rate per Payment Interval_(on Connect)
CHAPTER 13 Annuities Due
Appendix 13A: Setting Your Calculator in the Annuity Due Mode
CHAPTER 14 Annuities: Special Situations
CHAPTER 15 Loan Amortization: Mortgages
15.4: Mortgage Loans: Additional Topics (on Connect)
Appendix 15A: Instructions for the Texas Instruments BA II PLUS Amortization Worksheet
Appendix 15B: Amortization Functions on the Sharp EL-738 Calculator
CHAPTER 16 Bonds and Sinking Funds
Appendix 16A: Instructions for the Texas Instruments BA II PLUS Bond Worksheet
CHAPTER 17 Business Investment Decisions

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