Marketing Research 7th Edition Burns Solutions Manual

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Marketing Research 7th Edition Burns Solutions Manual.

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Directed primarily toward undergraduate marketing college/university majors, this text also provides practical content to current and aspiring industry professionals.

Marketing Research gives readers a “nuts and bolts” understanding of marketing research and provides them with extensive information on how to use it. This text provides the fundamentals of the statistical procedures used to analyze data without dwelling on the more complex and intricate concepts.

Table of contents:

Ch. 1. The Nature of Marketing Research

Ch. 2. The Industry: Structure, Evaluation, and Ethics

Ch. 3. The Marketing Research Process

Ch. 4. Defining the Problem and Determining Research Objectives

Ch. 5. Research Design

Ch. 6. Secondary Data Sources

Ch. 7. Syndicated Services

Ch. 8. Observation, Focus Groups, and Other Qualitative Methods

Ch. 9. Survey Data Collection Methods

Ch. 10. Measurement in Marketing Research

Ch. 11. Designing Data Collection Forms

Ch. 12. Determining the Sample Plan

Ch. 13. Determining the Size of a Sample

Ch. 14. Data Collection in the Field, Nonresponse Error, and Questionnaire Screening

Ch. 15. Basic Data Analysis: Descriptive Statistics

Ch. 16. Inferring Sample Findings to the Population and Testing for Differences

Ch. 17. Determining and Interpreting Associations between Two Variables –

Ch. 18. Predictive Analysis in Marketing Research

Ch. 19. Presenting the Research Results

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